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June 2022 Newsletter

by Sandy Dougherty

AT Newsletter June 2022


Hello there fellow Autotrailers. Hopefully over the summer you have had some lovely trips in your motorhomes and were able to take time to enjoy some beautiful parts of our country.


Our admin team are in planning mode and we want to give you a heads-up as to what is next on the calendar for you all. Our Napier team, who have twice organised a rally which Covid scuppered, are taking a year off in 2022 and are looking to swing back into action to organise a rally for late next year. 


In the meantime we are planning a gathering in Blenheim in late January 2023. Our first in the South Island! Our idea is to catch North Islanders heading south and vice versa for the South Islanders who might be heading away for a summer break. It is my experience that this a quieter time to be travelling the South Island as the large number of NZ motor-homers often travel later and while there are school children still around they are mostly at motor-camps and for many their parents have already returned to work. Our focus will also be on sharing ideas of where to go and places that are good to visit. 


Following on from the very positive response we had from the informal rally (get together) in Cambridge 2020, we've decided to take that on board and make the next gathering an informal one as well. We had some great earlier rallies, but as our membership increased, so did the numbers wanting to attend. This inevitably led to requiring larger and larger venues, along with organising more activities, farewell dinners and sponsorship presentations, creating more and more planning commitment and work to organise. While this option may still be open in the future, we also wanted to explore the less formal options to see what is the best fit moving forward. It does mean limiting attendee numbers, which will be determined by the venue available, as well as the organisers. More on this closer to the time.


As most people will then move on from Blenheim, either north or south, people can choose to head off together in smaller groups to a destination or two or arrange to meet up a little later on in the Summer somewhere else. 


We have over 600 members now (so many people obviously with extremely good taste!)  including quite a number of newer owners. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we have an excellent website with a variety of forums which house an enormous wealth of information. You can post questions or use the search function to look to see if your question or issue has already been answered. Here is the link for you to register for free if you haven’t already As well as a website we have an active Facebook page which also has quite a bit of information and is also where many owners share where they are or what they are doing. 


If you would like to be involved in organising our gathering in Blenheim or would like to have input into how and when we get together in the future, please feel free to be in touch. 


Sandy Dougherty,

Administrator for ATOC NZ




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