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Registration Time

by Sandy Dougherty, Administrator for ATOC NZ

Hello Fellow Auto-trailers


I hope you are all tucked up somewhere to safely sit out this lockdown. Not an ideal situation, let’s hope this will be dealt with swiftly and successfully and we can get out on the road again soon. 


Registrations are now open for the November 5th -7th Rally in Napier at the Taradale Club. This get together is being labelled the ‘friendly, easy-going’ rally by our hard-working team. They have organised a variety of activities and have scheduled time for you to ask questions about your motorhome, share your favourite hacks and get to know each other. 


To book yourself a spot you need to go to our website and click on ‘Register for a Rally’. The rally is limited to 100 motorhomes so be in quickly. You also need to register for the Saturday night dinner which is $35 a head.  There is a bank account number listed there for you to pay your money into. 


Please note: The rally will only go ahead if the whole country is at alert Level 1. 



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07:34 PM 28-Sep-21 by Chris_1 Public
Hi subject to L1 is there room left? Thx