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Autotrail Club of NZ Get Together Cambridge 2020

by John Smith

Good morning Autotrailers,


Its me again!!


Since we last spoke a great deal of planning has been going on by an enthusiatic group who really want to see as many of us as possible getting together in Cambridge on the  29th and 30th October and 1st of November weekend.

Whilst we acknowledge that this cannot happen unless the whole country is at Level one or better, we are planning as though this will be the case and our Get Together can proceed.


Let me stress again that this is not a "Rally" as such and it wont be anything like the previous rallies we have had. We are calling it a Get Together ( GTG) and treating as a somewhat informal gathering of A/Ters who are keen to rekindle old friendships and make new ones. First time owners and new members are especially welcome.


A special shout out to those of us with musical talent. We are trying to put a Jam Session together for the Saturday night and are looking for all musicians and singers who will be there.  Could you please contact Shirley Jones on  027 492 7685 or email  Don’t be shy, we are all part of the A/T family having fun so if you play a musical instrument, please join in.


See below for the programme, which should serve to keep you busy on the weekend. Should you wish to do something different on the Saturday, there are a number of other options around Cambridge. You can check these out by viewing the following website. Copy this link into your browser.  

You will need to make your own arrangements for any of these you may wish to pursue.


GTG registrations are now open via the website found at Go into the website and Login and then you will see in the menu on the left hand side, a heading  "Register for a Rally" . Click on that and pretty much follow your nose from there. Complete the process by forwarding the $25 and you will be all done. The bank account to pay into is not the one you paid into last year so please update your bank records before you pay. Thanks.


NB Should the GTG not proceed due to Covid, all monies will be refunded in full. Also if you feel at all uneasy about attending a public gathering such as this, even though we would be at Level one, then you should not attend. 



You will receive a further copy of this programme plus a map once you register.



Get Together Programme


9:00am: Registration

You can arrive anytime after 9am on Friday, get established, have a chat with the registration team, meet and mingle with the other AT'ers. The registration will be at the Kiosk Tent in the our parking arena.


2:30pm: Technical Q & A

We have assembled a panel of knowledgeable owners to discuss the intricacies of our Motorhomes. They will endeavour to answer your questions and perhaps explain some of the faults that owners have encountered. This will be held in the Grandstand Lounge.


2:30pm: What's Inside our Motorhomes

As an alternative to the Techo's session some committee ladies will lead a discussion on how we manage the inside of our mobile homes and hear what people have done to make life easier. This will be held at the Kiosk Tent or in the Grandstand Lounge depending on the weather.


4:00pm: Happy Hour

We can all meet up at the Grandstand Lounge for lots of chatter, catch-ups and most importantly to meet our new Autotrail owners ( hereby known as Newbies). Bring your own nibbles - drinks can be purchased from the bar.


7:00pm: Home Grown Entertainment

After Happy hour and having dinner at your Motorhome we all return to the Lounge to meet more new people and there will be group games set up for those that want to participate. Bring along your games, it is up to all of us to make it a fun evening. You can even bring your jigsaw puzzle if you want help to complete it.



10:00am: Bike & Nibble

Three bike routes have been planned. 1: your tour leader will guide you through Cambridge and out to Karapiro for lunch, before returning to the Raceway. 2: A shorter route with your leader giving you a tour around Cambridge and taking in a cafe to get your coffee fix. 3:For the serious riders amongst us a more challenging route to Te Miro. The bike rides are casual and you can do your own 'thing' at any time.


10:00am: Stretch the Legs

A walking group that will take in the sights and smells as you explore Cambridge. The length of the walk is as far as your legs will take you and luckily there are taxis in town to take you home. It is 2.2km to the heart of the township.


4:00pm: Happy Hour

Over to the Lounge for happy hour. Bring your own nibbles - drinks can be purchased from the bar. Invite a Newbie into your group. The discussion will be what you are whipping up to bring back to the lounge for your meal at 6:30


6:30pm: BYO dinner

The Get Together meal in the lounge is a BYO fine dining restaurant. You have to bring all that you require including your crockery & cutlery. The bar will be open to get your wines & thirst quenchers.


8:00pm: AT Muso's Entertaining

The Autotrail music talent are let loose from their Motorhomes to entertain us.



10:00am: Brunch at the park

An on site cafe is available to serve a buffet brunch for all those wanting to enjoy this Sunday morning tradition. More details will follow and you will need to book yourself in for this. The cost is expected to be approximately $22 per head.


12:30pm: Windup Banquette

Bring your sandwiches & coffee to the Kiosk Tent for the Get Together windup message from our club Co-ordinator.



As always with these events, they are all about the people who attend. The more the merrier within the site constraints. Those of us who are regular attendees know how much fun they can be and how much we enjoy catching up with old friends again. For those who haven't been before I urge you to "give it a go". You will not be diappointed.


So register and pay now and you wont miss out.


Should you have any questions you can direct them to me in the first instance and I will insure you get an answer.


Receipt of Club emails


Finally, a note from the organising committee. Some members have not been receiving emails in the past, and one of the reasons is that the "Receive Newsletters" box has not been ticked at time of registation. 

For this email, as a one off, we have blanket ticked all "Receive Newsletters" boxes so that everyone will know what is going on. If you prefer not to be kept up to date with club activities in future, you can go back in to your registration page on the website and untick the appropriate box.

Another reason for non receipt of emails can be that the emails are going direct to Junk/spam folders. If that happens, click and drag to Inbox and you will be able to open it.


That will be enough for now. I will follow up with further information as the time draws nearer.


In the mean time stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you in Cambridge at the end of October.




John and the Organising Group




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