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2020 Members Get Together - despite Covid

by John Smith

Good morning fellow Autotrailers


Well, it has been an interesting year, to say the least, and it is not over yet.


From our club’s point of view, the cancellation of the November Rally in Napier was a source of great disappointment, even though we all realised it was forced upon us by Covid.


At the point where we had become 100 days plus Covid free we started to think about the possibility of a “Post-Covid Get Together” that would not and could not be a full blown rally, but could be the chance for an informal gathering of A/Ters.


So we started hunting out possible venues and thinking about suitable dates.


But in the meantime the latest cluster came to light and then the Level 2/3 Lockdowns were re-imposed. Suddenly the landscape had changed and we began to question the wisdom or even the possibility of facilitating such a Get Together.

After much sole searching and debate, and having regard for the welfare of our members, the organising group have reached the following position.

  • We cannot encourage a group of our members to congregate over a weekend if there is any conceivable risk of Covid ramifications especially give the majority of our members may be in the “at risk” category for Covid.
  • The Level 2/3 lockdown rules as they stand at present prohibit a gathering of this type, and as long as these restrictions remain, there will be no Get Together for A/Ters this year.
  • There is a reasonable expectation that NZ will return to Level 1 soon, and that being the case a Get Together becomes possible.
  • Of necessity the Get Together will be simplistic in design and organisation, so that last minute cancellation can occur should it be required.
  • The only criteria which will allow the Get Together to proceed will be the whole country at level 1 over the weekend in question.
  • Any A/Ter who feels uncomfortable joining a group of 100 plus people in this environment should choose not to attend.

Having arrived at the above position we have taken the following steps:


  • The dates will be Friday 30th October to Sunday the 1st of November.
  • The venue will be the Cambridge Raceway Taylor Street Cambridge
  • Dinner on Saturday night will held in the large bar area at the venue. We bring our own dinner, chairs and tables. Drinks will be on sale.
  • Entertainment will be provided by those of our member musos who wish to play for us.
  • Daytime activities offered will include bike riding - semi organised, plus other activities available around Cambridge area that members may wish to partake in. Members will need to make own arrangements for these, but we will provide details of options.
  • Group morning tea on Sunday morning will wind the weekend up.
  • The cost for members to attend will be $25 per van
  • More information to follow

Clearly what is on offer is a very much cut down and minimalistic style of weekend and definitely will not look or feel like our Rallies of the past. Circumstances dictate that this is the only possibility because we must be able to cancel right up to the day if a covid event was to occur and lockdown levels raised.


Registration will be done online and we will ask you to confirm your registration by forwarding the $25 to our bank account.

All registration fees will be refunded in full if the event does not proceed.


We will let you know when you can register, but it is expected to be in the next week or so.

Lets hope all this turns into something good and worthwhile.


In the meantime, stay well and covid free.




John and the organising group.



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