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Winter time Catch up

by John Smith

Good morning one and all,


For those of us who have had the chance to get back on the road post lock-down, hasn't that been great.

We have seen quite a number of motor homes on the roads and all the occupants seem to be smiling!


Just got to get through the winter months now and then watch out over the summer we will all be back out again in force.


With regard to the Rally of 2020, originally scheduled for November in Napier, I trust you will all have seen my previous Club News item, advising that that due to Covid-19, this has had to be postponed. Originally Kevin Hodgson and his team were thinking it might work postponing the 2020 Rally to March 2021.


However the way things have worked out, it seems sensible to push it out to October/November 2021. So that is the plan and we can leave it in the capable hands of Kevin and his team to begin preparations early next year for the 2021 Autotrail Rally in Napier. 


I for one, am particularly looking forward to this rally as Hawkes Bay is such a great area for cycling, wine tasting and generally having a good time especially at Autotrail rallies. And Napier is such a genuinely motorhome friendly city, that it feels really good that we go there and support them.


Finally, I just want to remind everyone that I am always interested in feedback from your experiences dealing with Nationwide RV. The team there has assured me that they are committed to us as a group and they will give us the very best of service and attention. If you have expereince of dealing with them since the transfer of the Autotrail agency from Auckland Motorhomes in December to Nationwide RV, please feel free to feed back to me how it all went. I have already received some feedback and most of it has been very positive. This is good news indeed.


Well, enough from me, see you on the road, and be careful out there!


Kind Regards 







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