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Autotrail Rally 2020 and Covid - 19

by John Smith

Good afternoon fellow Autotrailers.


I trust the long summer has been good to you all and you have put plenty of kilometres on you A/Ts.


I have some sad news to impart, although I guess many of you have been expecting it.


The ATOC of NZ Rally for 2020 which was to be held in the beautiful Hawkes Bay - Napier actually, has been cancelled for the 2020 year.


This is a decision not taken lightly but in the face of a worsening Covid - 19 situation in front of us and with no end in site, the Napier committee felt they had no choice. Potential meeting venues for the committee were disappearing fast as the venues and people pulled back from group meetings. Thus the productive functionality of the committee would have been hampered, never mind that close meetings with groups of people no longer seems like a safe or sensible thing to do.


And even if they somehow got around all that, the rally could not proceed under current Govt guidelines for groups of 100 or more people anyway. So whatever is done, the rally is really doomed for November this year.


Kevin and his team in Napier are still keen to hold the next rally in Hawkes Bay, and in the event of an early end to the Covid - 19 crisis, in say July/August, they would be prepared to swing into action and aim for the Hawkes Bay Rally to be held in about March 2021.


Otherwise, with the expectation that things will be back to normal within 12 months,  the Hawkes Bay Rally will be in November 2021.


Very unfortunate, but everyone's health and safety is always paramount so we must make the right decision.


I somehow cannot see that self-isolation in a quiet spot in an A/T as any sort of hardship. Perhaps we should actively pursue this noble act as a way of the club leading by example. With the mandatory 3 metres apart ofcourse!


In the mean time stay healthy.


I will keep you posted.


John Smith







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