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Club matters update

by John Smith

Good morning all,


Some of you may be aware that after the rally, the administration team had met to review a conflict of interest between the club and Les and Annette Gibson. The details of the conflict were based on information that had come to hand. We deemed it to be a serious conflict, and accordingly, I saw no option but to ask Les and Annette to leave the club.  

Given that Les and Annette were still in Masterton, I saw the most appropriate course of action was to speak with Les immediately face to face, there and then. I was also conscious of the need to ensure Les heard it from me first, rather than someone else. It would be fair to say that neither Les not I enjoyed that  conversation.

Subsequently, Les phoned me to discuss the situation further and we discussed the “conflict of interest” that had been alleged and he denied there ever was such a conflict. This left me with only one course of action. And that was to do what I should have done from the beginning. Go and fact check the whole story.

So I did that and found there was little or no substance to what had been said. What became clear was what we probably all knew, which is that Les and Annette are still strongly committed to Autotrails, and of course they are equally happy with their own alternative brand.

I had made a big mistake. They should not have been asked to leave the club.

Les and Annette have been great contributors to the club since its inception and still want to be involved. So, in the same way David and Lynn Buxton deserve special treatment because of the immense contribution they have made, so do Les and Annette.

So I picked up the phone and apologised to Les and Annette for the unprofessional way in which this was handled and invited them back into the club under the special category (See category 3 in my survey email).

I followed this phone call up with an email confirming same in writing.

Les and Annette have now re-joined the club under this arrangement.

This episode must be put behind us, as we move forward into the future. A valuable lesson in managing information and allegations has been learned by all.


Regards to everyone


John Smith



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