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Club membership structure issues for your review

by John Smith and the Administration Team

Good afternoon fellow Autotrailers

After the rally in Masterton, the Administration group of the club met to consider a few issues with regard to the operation of the Web page (and in particular, access to the forum) and the Facebook page.


We had learned that the forum in particular was being accessed and used in a negative way by non-A/T owners to discredit A/Ts and in some cases to push other brands as a better alternative. Clearly this is not what was intended when the website and forum were developed, and it caused us to think about who should have access to this fantastic resource, and what things we might be able to do to manage access to it.


Previously anyone going into the website could access the forum and see all of the questions, issues, answers and other useful helpful info. Upon further reflection we realised that this need not be so openly available and as a result we have developed some guidelines which we have put in place now to ensure that the website and forum are used as intended.


Here is what we have done in the meantime as an interim measure.

  1. Full members of the club are those people who own an Autotrail and have registered as such on the website providing details of name and address in NZ as well as full  A/T details. Full members have unrestricted access to the webpage and the forum and can post on the forum. They can locate other members by accessing the Club Directory and they can attend our rallies. They receive our newsletters.
  2. Associate members are those who do not as yet own an A/T,  but may be considering buying one. They can access the website and view and contribute to the “General” area of the forum as well as receive newsletters. They cannot access the Club Directory and nor can they attend rallies.
  3. A third and special category has been created for previous Autotrail owners who usually, for reasons of an extraordinary contribution to the club previously, would be invited to retain their full membership. Eg David and Lynne Buxton. This would be at the discretion of the administrators and would not be available where there was any kind of “conflict of interest”. 

We would like you to comment on the above guidelines if you have a strong view one way or the other.


We have identified other groups of people who may be interested in the club, but would not fit neatly into any of the above groups, and we need your feedback on how we should classify them.


  1. A/T owners who live overseas who want to take advantage of our website and forum etc because their country has no such resource. Australia is a good example of this.
  2. Non A/T owners who may live overseas.
  3. Others who drive Fiat motorhomes (not A/T) who want to learn more about Fiats.



We would be grateful if you could provide whatever feedback you may have on any of the above, as it is important to have the structure reflective of the views of the members of the club.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and think about it. We would happily receive whatever feedback you may be inclined to give.

You can do this by emailing direct to my email address or by phone on 021-854-969




John Smith on behalf of

The Administration Team




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04:56 PM 08-Mar-20 by Peter McCormack from Queensland Public
Good afternoon John, It has been a while since I have visited the website. As an Australian member, I must say that I have found the site very useful and have contributed to a few discussions. I would certainly like to see the members on the “Western Isles” be able to continue membership. Regards Peter