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The 2019 Rally at Masterton

by John Smith

Good afternoon all,


The ATOC Rally at Masterton was on last weekend and was an unreserved success.


The committee comprising members from the greater Wellington area did a sterling job. Anyone who has ever tried to organise something like this will know what a large amount of organisation it takes as well as direct involvement over the time. You get what you put into these rallies and we can clearly see that the committee for Masterton put plenty in.


It started a 4pm on Friday afternoon with drinks at happy hour, after which we had our own dinners and then assembled for fun and games at 7pm

Saturday morning kicked off at 9.30 with ebikes and just rolled on from there to bus trips and, oh dear, another happy hour. A sumptuous dinner was put on at 7pm and the dancing started at about


Sunday was technical sessions and some cooking ideas before the club meeting and a wind up about 12.30pm.


Thankyou Linda and your team.


If you weren't able to make this weekend, dont worry becasue we will have another one next year.  It will be at Napier and Kevin Hodgson is putting a team together soon to think about it all. Details are yet to be firmed but expect to hear plenty more about it all in the next 3 months or so.


If you would like to help Kevin, and he will need plenty of it if he is to do the Hawkes Bay proud, you can contact him on 


Rallies are always a heap of fun, and perfect opportunities to catch up with old friends, as well as make new ones, all of whom you may well see on the road one day too.


The Autotrail rallies are characterised by a strong camaraderie obviously becasue of our shared interest of autotrails, but more than that, is that we are a realtively small group and we are getting to know each other better from one year to the next. Although having said that there were 41 new members this year at the rally so that was really good to see.


Once again thanks to Linda and her team.


Keep an eye out for details of next year.



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05:57 PM 29-Dec-19 by Davidr from Auckland Public
What a great rally many thanks to the best team how can this be matched?