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Welly Rally 2019 Time to Register

by John Smith Administrator ATOC NZ


Hi All,


It is all happening.

The team on the committee have come up with a fantastic program for the rally. See for yourself and then register now to avoid disappointment. Why not talk to your friends and get a group togather and make it really special.

You will not be disappointed.





This year's Autotrail Club Rally, 1-3 November, is to be held in Masterton at the historical Solway Showgrounds, a beautiful park like setting with open green spaces.  There are activities that should appeal to everyone and while we have a full programme, we have made sure that there is time for mixing with like-minded Autotrail owners.  Some people liken our get-togethers to a big family reunion.  It is an ideal opportunity to learn more about our motorhomes, have fun and compare holiday destinations.  The rally is dog friendly with normal dog etiquette applying.


There are no restrictions on when you arrive at the showgrounds but the parking team will be in action from Thursday. Prior to the start of the rally normal showground parking rules apply.  We have allocated parking areas for different requirements, so if you have a specific requirement please let us know. 


There is limited power available at a small extra charge - please let us know if this is a requirement with a note in ‘Special Requirements’ on the web site registration.


On the Friday morning we have a social bike ride around some nice spots in Masterton … its flat and easy!  In the afternoon when most attendees will have arrived, our extended happy hour begins.  This is a rally Jam Session so don’t forget to pack your musical instruments and let’s have a great session with all our Muso’s.  At 7pm, the Rally opening starts with a night of fun entertainment. 


The weekend events are to take place in the halls under the 116-year-old historic grandstand. Many of you will feel nostalgic, reminding you of the wooden halls you went to dances in!


Saturday morning starts with everyone bringing their eBikes to the hall so we can set up a display of the many models that are decorating our Motorhomes.  Then there will be video’s and talks on eBikes.


This will be followed by a video and slide show from our major sponsor, Auckland Motorhomes, fresh off a UK visit with all the launch info for the new 2020 models. 


In the afternoon, there is a choice from 2 bus tours, departing at 1pm returning at 4:30pm.

The first, a visit to the famous Paua Shell factory, then a bit of boutique shopping and a latte in NZ’s most beautiful Small Town 2017, Greytown, before heading to a local winery to meet up with the other bus tour for wine tasting.
The second bus tour option starts at NZ’s National Shearing Museum and includes an up close shearing demo, a visit to the local fire museum and the mushroom factory. Ending at the same local winery as the other tour.

Saturday evening starts with dinner at 6:30pm. BYO drinks and glasses.


I imagine the following democratic decision will be popular

“With the choice of bus tours,  I think I will send him on the second tour and I’ll take the credit card on the first tour!!”


After dinner, gold record holder ‘Legal Tender’ will be there to entertain us and the night will drift into dance music so make sure you bring your dancing shoes.  At 10pm we will have the Rugby World Cup Final on the big screen.




Sunday starts with two workshops running concurrently –


A technical session, which includes a presentation on solar power and time for questions relating to your motorhome.
In another room, we will have a ‘Cooking on the road’ session.  Hear what scrumptious meals you can make using the resources we have in the motorhome.  


No time to relax because next is a live fire demo …. How quickly can your home on wheels go up in flames? A very frightening and memorable experience, luckily we will have the Fire Service to take control!


The last session is a presentation on Motorhome tyres by a leading NZ expert. This company has done extensive research on what are best practices for long levity and replacement options for our vehicle’s tyres.  So much experience to call on – our tyre expert is responsible for large fleets of vehicles including the Ambulance Service with their large number of Ducato’s. 


Following on is the rally closing, and hopefully we will hear where next year’s rally will be held.


Don’t worry about rushing off, there are no restrictions on leaving, so perhaps you can wind down and enjoy mingling with the AT family and stay another night.


We look forward to seeing you in Masterton.


Registration Process:


The number of places at the rally are limited, we have restrictions, so register early.   


Log onto the Club Web Site

Select ‘Register for a Rally’ and fill out the registration form. 


Prices are on the Registration form so that you may chose what to register for.


This year’s payment is by internet bank transfer; sorry we are unable to process cheques.  Those who do not have this banking facility will need to take the rally bank account number from the registration form to your bank, and by a simple process, transfer the funds from your account into the rally bank account.


Once payment has been received in the Rally bank account, you will receive a confirmation email from the Rally team.


If you have any queries, contact the rally committee by email on






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