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Help forTomTom winners


My apologies for sending the first part of this notice out to all members, however there is no record of who the TomTom winners were.


Congratulations to all who won a TomTom at our recent rally in Waipu.  However you may need help in setting it up for using in NZ.  According to the instructions it requires a special socket to sit it in and 'BlueMe' software in the vehicle. Also, you may need to download NZ maps. There may be a fix and a cheap or free way to get the NZ maps.


There is a post on the forum under the  GPS subject heading suggesting how to set up the TomTom. 


Best of luck!


Rally Report - there's lots of notes and photos to sort through so please be patient; a report will come!

In the meantime, Chris Gaelic video recorded some of the speaker's presentations and has put these up on YouTube - here are the links:


Dave Thomas, Managing Director, Auto-trail UK  presentation:


Dave Thomas question time:


Kevin Schreuder, General Manager After Sales Service, Andrew Simms Ltd question time:


Margaret Ware, Far North Fuels presentation:


In my report these presentations will be summarised.


Accolades pour in - our recent rally at Waipu was a huge success, due in no small part to Denis Bradley and his wonderful organising team.  Congratualtions to you all.  Thank you to all of you who have either emailed Denis or me, thanking/congratulating us for a most enjoyable rally.  Feedback from Waipu businesses have also been positive - we left with a 'please come back again' reputation.


Bye for now 

David Buxton



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