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A Northland Safari

by Chris Gaelic

Hi everyone,


With the Waipu Rally just a couple of months away, I thought it might be timely to wet your appetite for exploring more of Northland while you're up here. Northland is one of our favourite places, and is absolutely chocker with interesting out of the way places to explore.


Click here to see what you could be missing. Be warned, it's a shameless promo for places that we've visited, and think you might also enjoy...


Click here if you'd like to see where all these places are, with more information, pictures, and how to get there. This links through to our RV Explorer Trip Plan for the Northland Safari. It includes 100 destinations, plus the ability to customise your own plan for where you'd like to go. 


And, if you can't make it this time, or prefer to come back to Northland at some other time, we'll leave this newsletter and web pages up for you to use in the future.


As you'll see from David's last newsletter, Denis and the committee have organised a fantastic rally, with a unique opportunity to meet the Managing Director and Sales Director of Auto-trail, UK on Saturday. Then, on Sunday, we have a presentation by Andrew Simms on servicing and warranty issues, followed by a presentation by Far North Fuels on how you can save money using their fuel discount system. 


These are  opportunities that might never be repeated, and are in addition to all our usual socialising and group discussions. There's plenty of room in the Caledonian Park. You can't afford not to be there!


We're looking forward to seeing you all on the 27th October.



Chris and Shuping




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