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October Rally, Membership, Website



Hello fellow Auto-trail owners.


Time for another newsletter to keep you up to date with Club news.


Next rally: 

This will be held in Northland at the end of October, 27, 28 and 29th.  This is the weekend after Labour Weekend.  It will be held in Waipu, 40 km south of Whangarei.

  I hope you can attend as the organizing committee, chaired by Denis Bradley, is promising a very enjoyable and informative weekend.  There’s also the opportunity to extend the time either side of the rally to enjoy travel, bike trails, museums etc that Northland has to offer.

  There will be plenty of parking area, for 70 or more vans if required, a big hall for our indoor activities and cafes and restaurants just a short distance away. Those of you who want to arrive or leave either side of the weekend are welcome to park on-site.

  Some of the highlights already on the programme are:

* Auto-trail UK’s Managing Director and Sales Manager attending.  Yes, we’ve asked them to our rally and they have  accepted our invitation.

* Scottish theme and wearable arts

* Bus tour including the refinery and port, local beaches and points of interest.

* 'Hints and ideas’ session (always popular)

* Award winning Waipu Museum and Heritage Walk

* Club discussions and next rally decision.

* Lots of time for socialising and getting ideas from other Auto-trail owners.


Questions for our Auto-trail guests: Following their presentation on the new Auto-trail factory at Grimsly, what new models are in the pipeline, where the motorhome industry is heading both technically and in design and a few other topics we have asked them to cover, there will be limited time for questions.  To get the best out of question time, I suggest you email me a question you would like answered and I will collate these into ‘headline’ questions to save having similar questions around the same topic.  My email is


Tribute owner membership:

  Thank you to those of you who have emailed me with your thoughts on this matter. This will have to be decided by members at the rally.  I will collate your contributions. They so far lean towards allowing Tribute owners to join our Club. Interestingly it was a hotly debated issue with the ATOC UK and they agreed to membership now that the Tribute is badged Auto-trail.

  The rally organizing committee agreed that Tribute owners who are already Club members will be most welcome at the rally.



  There’s a few things I want to mention about our website.

1.    We have a very informative and useful website thanks to the vision and expertise from Chris Gaelic who established it following our rally at Ohakune. He has since continued to modify and improve the site.

2.    My sincere thanks go to Peter Robieson for his assistance with maintaining the website on a day to day basis; especially with regards to membership.  Les Gibson has recently offered to help out too, with particular regard to sorting the Forum topics into more appropriate categories.  Too many posts have been put into ‘General’. 

The forum has been a wonderful source of information, ideas and assistance.  Thank you to those of you who have so willingly contributed to help others.

3.    Many of you have changed your vans, location, phone numbers etc. Please log on and click/touch ‘Update Your Details’ and you’ll see a window that easily allows you to do just this. Some of your information is missing or incorrect such as motor home model, address and post code. As with any club or business, it’s a difficult job to keep a database of members or customers up to date so your help with this is very much appreciated.

4.    If you have a problem with the website, can’t put photos in the forum, forgotten your password etc use the ‘Contact Us’ button and either Chris, Peter, Les or I will help with your problem.

5.    Have a look at our Home Page - our logo is now there; also some interesting statistics on models of vans owned and regional membership numbers.


Membership numbers and Auto-trail models owned:

  The total number registered to use our forum is now 375** and of those 300 are full members***.  Membership growth over the last 3 years has been:

2015               144

2016               123

2017 (to now) 108

  It’s also been interesting to note what models of Auto-trail our members own.  Here some numbers I have pulled out of our membership database:

Model                           Number

Delaware                      88

Tracker                         66

Apache                         28

Dakota                          23

Imala                             22

Commanche                 18

Savannah                     14

Scout                              7

Mohawk                          5

Cherokee                        4

Other or N/A                  25




** Our total membership including overseas registrations and NZ registrations that don’t own an Auto-trail motorhome but still can use the forum.


*** Full members ie those that own an Auto-trail and reside in NZ.


South Island Rally: Our South Island membership is growing and is now over 70. Its a long way to Northland to our next rally so most of you may not attend. We need to have a rally in the South Island. How about a South Island member putting your hand up and forming a committee of nearby owners to organise a South Island rally for next autumn.


Bumper Stickers:

We have bumper stickers available generously designed and printed by members Leicester and Sue Fifield.  These were available for free distribution at our last two rallies and will be available at our next rally. If you wish to have one now, please send a stamped addressed envelope to me at 13 The Pheasant Tail, Brentwood, Taupo 3330.



I'm glad  to see our Facebook group page being used.  Thank you Sandy and Russell for setting this up and maintaining it. It's great to see where members are coming and going (like following Russell and Sandra's journey home from the UK).


Happy, safe motorhoming....

David Buxton

Club Co-ordinator



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