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General Newsletter for members including updates on membership and website


Wow, it's nearly halfway through the year already and only 5 months and a bit to our next rally in Northland. After the organising committee meets in June, there will be more to report on the programme etc.


Membership: Our Club membership has increased by 59 since the beginning of the year and is fast approaching  280 full members plus 65 Forum only members. (The difference being, that to be given full membership following registration, you have to be an Auto-trail owner residing in NZ.  With full membership you receive newsletters and can access the Club directory on the website.)


Website: It's pleasing to note that our website forum is being extensively used. All sorts of questions and answers are being submitted. Don't forget you can receive email alerts of anything posted on the forum by clicking 'subscribe to.........' on any of, or all of the 5 forum categories. 

Our honorary webmaster, Chris Gaelic, has made some enhancements to the registration page to make it easier to fill in correctly. After logging in, you can click on 'Update your details' and the registration page shows all the details you entered previously. PLEASE have a look at this and update anything you want to change (eg address, email) or fill in missing information (eg, post code, NZMCA number). You may have originally filled in the name windows incorrectly too, especially the first window that should read as an example:  Jack and Jill Smith or Jack Smith and Jill Jones. 

The Directory now has three sort columns - Name, Rego, and NZMCA number so you can quickly find a member with any of these parameters. The Directory also has a new feature - a place to click to print. 

Thank you Chris for these enhancements. We are so grateful for the website you have established and modified for us. Also thank you to Peter Robieson for managing the registrations that keep coming in, sometimes 1 or 2 a day.


No longer an Auto-trail owner: If you have sold your Autotrail and now drive another make or are now not motorhoming, please advise either Peter or me. 


Bumper Stickers: We have bumper stickers available generously designed and printed by Club members Leicester and Sue Fifield. These were available for free distribution at our last rally and will be available at our next rally. The size is 150x60mm. If you wish to have one now, please send a stamped addressed envelope to me at 13 The Pheasant Tail, Brentwood, Taupo 3330.


Tribute owners allowed to join our Club: this was discussed at the Hamilton rally 2 years ago and there was a good majority voting to keep our Club exclusively Auto-trail owners. We perhaps need to discuss this again at our next rally. In the meantime feedback from members would be welcome. 




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