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Facebook group now up and running


Hi Everyone


At our recent rally in Taranaki, members present discussed the offer made by Russell Lowther to set up a Facebook Group for our Club members to use.  The offer was approved providing it was a closed group and  was closely monitored. Sandy Dougherty offered to assist Russell.


I'm pleased to announce that our Facebook Page is now operational to provide a place for us passionate Autotrailer's to congregate. It's been set up to provide an easy platform to share information, ask questions, seek advice, as well as sharing experiences, places and activities. It is a great place to learn more about your 'Moho'. It complements rather than competes with our web site.  They serve two different purposes. Our Facebook Group is for immediate and timely exchange of information (here today gone tomorrow) while our website is for more permanent reference. 


Our Facebook Page is a closed group so you have to join the membership. This means that only members can see our posts not the public.


It is a simple process to join:


At the top of your Facebook type in the search bar: Autotrail NZ (note Autotrail is one word) or autotrail nz


Or you can press the following Link to get in directly:


This will locate our group - select it and you will be onto the page.


Now to join and get into the page you need to tick JOIN.


You have now sent a request to our administrators and if you pass their good character criteria you will receive a message saying you have joined. There may be a delay depending on when the Admin are available.

When you get into the group the first post at the top is a Pinned Post which contains the group rules and the Admin are your governance.



If you have trouble finding the page or getting in, you can email Russell to get help: 


It takes a while to get a new group interacting so the more that join the quicker it will work. Don't forget to encourage fellow Autotrailer's to join, they don't have to belong to our Owners Club but this may encourage them to join as well.


The Administrators are Russell Lowther from Wellington and Sandy Dougherty from Cambridge. They look forward to admitting you to this Facebook Group.  They will also admit past owners, prospective owners and those with an interest in Autotrail motorhomes.  It will not be open to anyone else.




David Buxton

(Club co-ordinator)





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