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Website Improvements

by Chris Gaelic

Following on from our discussions at our Hamilton Rally, I've made a number of improvements to our website.


The Forum

One of the first requests was to be able to add pictures to the forum, which would be especially useful when describing how to make improvements, or fix problems, in our Autotrails. You can now do this.


You can also create a video and upload it to Youtube, and then link to it from within a forum entry, as well as to link to content on another website.


Registering Online

I've also set up our full club directory online, so that prospective members can register directly, and you can login and update your details if they change.


When you are logged in, you will see a new menu item for the Club Directory. If you click on this, then you can see the contact details for any of our members. This is a members only feature, and cannot be viewed by the general public.


Every member now has a login, and those of us who haven't registered on the website previously, will have received an email telling them how to login and participate in the discussions.


You can change your login details, and the display name used in the forums, by going to the Club News page and clicking on Update your details on the Member Console.


The Club News Page

Every member, with an email address, is now set up to receive these Club News emails. If you don't want to receive them, you can unsubscribe on the Club News page. You'll see that the Club News page now lists the past newsletters, so that you can read each one separately, rather than having them all on one long page.


Pictures from the Hamilton Rally

We've updated the website pictures with pictures from the Hamilton Rally - we hope you enjoy them. The full newsletter is in progress and will be posted up soon.








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