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2013 Rally Report

by Linda McKenzie

Hello all,

Hopefully everyone made it home safely after our first get together last weekend. I know a few members "were seen" or crossed paths on their travels over the following few days which is great. Nice to recognise each other now!  For those of you who were unable to make it this time we look forward to seeing you at the next get together. It appeared that everyone enjoyed themselves and we all decided it was worthwhile continuing with the group. I will briefly list what was discussed and the decisions we have come to.


Main Objective:

* To meet at least once a year on an informal basis in order to meet like-minded people, socialise and share ideas, in a fun and relaxed manner.


Ideas Discussed:

Name for the group:  A few ideas were tossed around but the majority decided to stick with "AUTO-TRAIL NZ OWNERS CLUB"

 Logo for the group: We are still working on this-anyone who feels like having a go please submit your ideas. (NB. The British Auto-Trail Owners Club has an Indian feathered headdress in between 'Auto' and 'Trail' to tie in with the names of the motorhomes). At the moment we will just use the Auto-Trail logo if needed.

Next get together: We had a lot of interesting suggestions for this. We are aware of our fellow club members who live further South and would like to meet somewhere that is more convenient for them next time. As Denis and I are new to motorhoming we are not as familiar with good places to go as some of our more experienced members. There were suggestions of  Taupo, Taumarunui, and Whanganui where there are good overnight places and facilities available for meeting together and having meals. It was certainly excellent at Papakura.



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